Urdaggar: Tribes of Valor Starter Set

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The Urdaggar Valor Tribes live freely on the plains north of the “civilized” Faeler nations.  They live as free people, serving their tribe and Totem gods without compulsion nor enslaved by the comforts of stone and wood dwellings.  For centuries their people have lived and hunted their ancestral lands.  Urdaggar Tribes of Valor Freebands raid into Faeler lands but also trade with them.  They often fight with each other, and at other times unite to face a common foe.  An Urdaggar Tribes of Valor Starter Set contains six warriors ready to fight for their freedom and the preservation of their way of life.

This set contains a 150g Freeband of Urdaggar Tribes of Valor with six models including:

1 Wolfkarl
1 Bear Mystic
1 Boar Warrior
1 Berserker
1 Slinger
1 Unproven

This set contains six 32mm models in white metal with round plastic bases. Some cleaning and assembly is required. Models supplied unpainted. Terrain Not Included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review