Trilian Seekers Starter Set

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The Trilian are an ancient and mysterious people.  From their capitol of Starhold deep within the Foxwood, the Trilians roam their lands, keeping any trespassers from entering the Trilian’s sacred Foxwood.  Freebands of Trilians come together to protect their people, who wander Faelon in search of new knowledge and experiences.

Note that for retail sale, Trilian starter sets will now come all plastic.  Online starter set sales are currently a mix of plastic and metal.  

This starter set contains a 150g Freeband of Trilian Seekers including:

1 Starseeker
1 Treespeaker
1 Enforcer
1 Tree Runner
2 Wanderers (pose 1 and pose 2)

This set contains six 32mm models with round plastic bases. Some cleaning and assembly is required. Models supplied unpainted. Terrain Not Included.

To save on shipping Faction Box with art is not included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review