World of Faelon

Our adventures are set in the world of Faelon - a world of great beauty and great danger, of politics and religion, intrigue and honor, people and power, magic and mystery.

More than a dozen factions strive for domination and survival across Faelon’s two known continents. Strange creatures move along the fault lines of civilization - some from a past that never passed out of reckoning, some from portals between Faelon and Mervael, the Spirit World, and some from Faelon’s heavens and hells.

The gods have sundered Faelon’s magic in twain - Casters are divided between spells that influence the inorganic and inanimate and those that influence creatures both living and recently alive. Only an immortal may learn the secrets of both, leading some to seek immortality through pacts with abominations.

Above all, Faelon is the story of its people - resonant characters who seek power and peril each in their own way against a backdrop that is as full of life as it is fraught with menace.

Come join us in Faelon. 

The World of Faelon is housed in World Anvil - all the basic details are available free here:  World of Faelon in World Anvil

Want more?  The following expanded levels of access are available.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  to gain expanded access, you will need to first create a World Anvil account

  • Freeblades LRB Compendium tier – To get more content, you can purchase our Freeblades Living Rulebook.  This will give you an access code and instructions to unlock more content on World  Anvil.  If you already own the LRB, we have added the code to your DGS account.  Go back into your orders and you will find it as a download with your LRB.  This tier will give you World Anvil access to stat lines, and full talent and skill descriptions for all Freeblades models, including any new releases not yet published in the LRB.
  • Bladesworn tier - $3/month – This tier gives you access to a layer of articles and maps beyond the basic faction and country descriptions in the material you see in the free and Freeblades LRB levels. Each month we will add detail that expands Faelon with the kinds of things someone who grew up there would know. What does the flora and fauna look like? What is each city famous for? What do they trade? Who are the famous people? These articles can inspire BrightSword role-players as well as Freeblades players to create meaningful backstories and connect their characters to the world of Faelon.  And that’s not all!  BrightSword players will also find full talent and skill lists as well as all available spell lists for every type of magic. And soon, the Bladesworn will have access to all the BrightSword rules as well as character creation guides.  Everything you can see now in the BrightSword Beta version will be moved into this level, which will effectively become the BrightSword Living Rulebook. 

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  • Loremaster tier- $9/month – This tier gives you access to everything in the lower tiers and adds a series of campaigns and modules that can either be used off the shelf, or just to inspire the reader with ideas for their own adventures. Detailed maps, secret knowledge, NPC statistics, magic items, and new creatures will all be available to surprise your players with. Your players will know about the towns, but you will know about the suburbs, inns, secret societies, and hidden treasures. Your players will have heard about the monster in the lake - you will know its name. You can also expect articles on running RPG sessions for your players. Our plan is to start with two beginning campaigns. As we grow, we will add both new sessions to current campaigns as well as entirely new ones.   The campaigns are fully compatible with both Brightsword and Freeblades.

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