Kuzaarik Forgers Starter Set

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The Kuzaarik are a people on the verge of extinction.  Their once thriving society collapsed long ago and the survivors cling to a single city in the northern mountains - Vinyabah Gohrahd.  The Kuzaarik are survivors, however, and they aren’t going down without a fight.  Kuzaarik Freebands are made up of military veterans, government agents, and civilians all ready to fight for the survival of their people.  A Kuzaarik Forgers Starter Set contains six stalwart Kuzaarik that are as tough as the mountains they hail from

This set contains a 150g Freeband of Kuzaarik Forgers with six models including

1 Forge Warden
1 Kryomancer
1 Field Agent
1 Hinterguard
1 Explorer
1 Quarreler

This set contains six 32mm models in white metal with round plastic bases. Some cleaning and assembly is required. Models supplied unpainted. Terrain Not Included.

To save on shipping Faction Box with art is not included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review