Sword/High Questor of Valia

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The Haradelan organization that investigates rumors of demons and actively hunts them is a unique Knightly Order known as the Swords of Valia.  The Swords of Valia are a militant organization, hunting down and eradicating demons wherever they find them, but the sword is not their only weapon.  Once a Knight has been fully initiated into the order, they are expected to be scholars and fighters.  Swords will only get you so far against an enemy as wily as the hordes of Karelon.  

This model comes with two heads to differentiate between the Sword of Valia and High Questor of Valia.  Typically, the Sword is depicted with a helm and the High Questor, helmetless.

32mm scale plastic model in 5 pieces: (body, head, sword arm, helm, shield) with a 25mm round plastic base. 

Models supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Sculpted by Chris Jackson.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review