Demons of Karelon Starter Set

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Demons exist in a dimension called Karelon.  Karelon is a place of constant violence and ever changing landscapes wrought by the Demon Lords that control and remake them to their liking.  The border between the realm of Karelon and the World of Faelon can be manipulated and torn, allowing Demons to pour into Faelon, a place they love for its stability and space.  Most of the inhabitants of Faelon hate the demons and attempt to eradicate them when they can.  Others make pacts with them and help them cross over.  A Demons of Karelon Starter Set contains six demons looking for a new home in Faelon.

This set contains a 150g Freeband of Demons of Karelon with six models including:

1 Azalakar
1 Mokruhl
1 Saryad
1 Borgat
2 Skrot

This set contains six 32mm models in white metal with round plastic bases. Some cleaning and assembly is required. Models supplied unpainted. Terrain Not Included.

To save on shipping Faction Box with art is not included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review