Black Thorn Bandits Starter Set

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Once the personal guard of the Black Rose, The Black Thorn has been given his own freeband of bandits and follows the plan and orders of the Dark Syndicates Leader, the Black Rose.  The Black Thorn is a duelist and uses his unique swordsmanship to outfight opponents on the battlefield.  He has collected an interesting group of bandits, bounty hunters, individuals who care more for personal gain than they do the laws of the Kingdoms they hide out in.  A Black Thorn Bandits Starter Set contains six brigands ready to plunder in the name of the Dark Syndicate. 

Note that for retail sale, Black Thorn starter sets will now come all plastic.  Online starter set sales are currently a mix of plastic and metal.  

This set contains a 150g Freeband of Black Thorn Bandits of six models including:

1 Black Thorn
1 Illusionist
1 Huskarl
1 Bodyguard
1 Thief
1 Outlaw, pose 2

This set contains six 32mm models with round plastic bases. Some cleaning and assembly is required. Models supplied unpainted. Terrain Not Included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review