Viper Vanguard

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Traazorite troops that train with Izchak's Shakazal Legion return to the Viper Legion much more confident in the jungle. They are called Vanguards and will often be seen moving ahead of the Viper Legion, scouting areas and screening the flanks of the main force.  They use trained local creatures to aid them in the jungle.  Viper Vanguards prefer the Ezipai or flycatcher. This winged serpent inhabits the middle canopy of the Izchaki jungle. Ezipai have incredible senses and can detect enemies and friends in the worst of the undergrowth.

32mm scale plastic model in 4 pieces: lower body, upper body, left arm, right arm with a 25mm round plastic base.  Supplied unpainted, assembly required. Sculpted by Chris Jackson.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review