Knight Immolator

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Each of Falkaar’s Duchies selects a few of their best warriors to participate in the Flame Trials. Those left standing from the early trials participate in the final Immolation Test. Each warrior stands around a special brazier, draws their longsword and holds it over the magical flames. Slowly, each sword is consumed by fire, starting at the tip of the blade and crawling down the blade towards the guard of the weapon. If a warrior drops their sword from the intense pain, they are disqualified.  Those that last until the flame hits the crossguard are named a Knight Immolator. The embersmiths then imbue the Knight’s weapon with a permanent magical flame.

32mm scale plastic model in 4 pieces: (horse, body, arm, shield) with a 50mm round plastic base. 

Models supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Sculpted by Chris Jackson.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review