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Far from the mighty cathedrals of Hercourt and Arsmouth complete with their bishops and battalions of clerics, the Kantor presides most directly over the congregations of Varanic faithful. The Kantor is the lowest rank of Varanic priest permitted to lead services in a church or chapel. While their flocks may be smaller, their influence is more personal, making the daily lives of the Haradelan peasant just a little more livable. Kantors bring a different set of capabilities to a freeband. What they lack in armor, they more than make up for in their flexibility. Model Assembly Notes: The Haradelan Kantor can be assembled as either a female or a male - with two head options and an androgynous body type.

32mm white metal model in five pieces (body, male head, female head, left arm, right arm) with a 25mm round plastic base. Supplied unpainted, assembly required. Sculpted by Micah Nichols.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review