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Among the first warriors recruited to fight the Traazorites were Knights from Haradel.  Many of them carried large two-handed weapons and followed Vidunar or Barek. Eventually, these troops standardized the greatsword and became known far and wide as Executioners.  Executioners are the shock troops of the Shael Mohgin. In battle, the Executioners throw themselves headlong into the enemy, screaming oaths as they hurtle toward their foes.  Their wild abandon and total disregard for their safety are enough to shake almost any enemy.  If the enemy doesn’t break, the Executioners’ greatswords will finish the job.  

32mm scale plastic model in 4 Pieces: (body, scabbard, sword, head with hat) with a 25mm round plastic base. 

Models supplied unpainted, assembly required.

Sculpted by Patrick Keith.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review