Bear of Bretan

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In battle, "Bears of Bretan" are a fearsome sight to behold. They are fully armored and wield two war axes in a whirlwind of death and destruction. These Questing Knights are sent out to walk the trails throughout Bretan guarding all of her people and return to the northern border when Haradel is threatened. “Walking Bears” are a welcome sight among the inns and farmsteads of the county, but a decidedly unwelcome one to those who raise their ire. The Haradelan Bear of Bretan model comes with options to build either the High Questor of Glareyn (bare head and cloak) or the Questing Knight of Glareyn (helmeted head and no cloak). 32mm white metal miniature sculpted by Patrick Keith. 6 pieces (body, 2 arms, 2 head options, cape) and a 25mm plastic base.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review