Diversity Initiatives

DGS Games Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Discrimination has no place in our hobby, industry, or lives.  We at DGS Games have championed diversity and inclusion in the game hobby and industry since our founding. We will always seek to improve our understanding of the issues, our awareness of the challenges and our ability to lead and make positive change. We have not and will not permit discrimination in our community based upon race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, disability, or genetic information.

While we will always seek growth in these areas, the following are our current guiding principles:

We have a responsibility to ensure that DGS Games spaces on social interaction platforms are never used for hate, violence, or harm. Our goal is that our presence in the industry is used to build meaningful relationships and strong affirming communities.

We have a responsibility to create safe and inclusive gaming spaces. Our goal is that everyone feels welcome in our community and at our events.

We will seek to increase the presence, role, and impact of underrepresented people in our hobby and industry. Our goal is to change the fundamental nature of the gaming hobby and industry demographic.

Combating Hate

This is simple: if you hate, you are gone. If hate takes place on a platform we control, we will remove the offending person(s) and content. If it takes place on a platform with which we are associated and after bringing it to the owner’s attention not enough is done, we will end our relationship with that platform.

Helping to Create Safe and Inclusive Gaming Spaces

DGS Games will continue to create and nurture an inclusive environment which welcomes everyone into our hobby and in which no action or omission of action is permitted that fosters exclusion or hate. We will show through both words and actions that we value and embrace diversity. This includes taking direct action to eliminate any subcultures that threaten our values or attack our customers, colleagues, partners, or patrons.

Changing the Game Hobby and Industry Demographic

While we have been an industry leader in combating sexism and gender-ism in our hobby, there is still much work to be done in those areas and even more work to be done in changing the demographic with respect to underrepresented people. We recognize the challenge. Not only is the hobby as a whole wildly out of kilter in this area, the miniatures branch of the hobby is essentially broken with respect to diversity. We will not be daunted by this. We will actively seek team members and partners that positively alter this dynamic and focus on industry and hobby initiatives that increase diversity. This includes educating ourselves on what needs a more diverse gaming community might have, and creating content that meets those needs.

Ultimately it is our goal to create a hobby and an industry whose strength comes from harnessing the attributes, experiences, cultures, characteristics, and backgrounds of each person. We must act now and continue to act as these issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will take time to address. We are all part of the same game group, and together we will create the climate and culture we want and need.