World of Faelon OLD



Our adventures take place in the World of Faelon.

To Enter the World of Faelon, you will need a FREE World Anvil account. 


There are many reasons why you might want to eventually get a paid subscription with them, but you do NOT need to do that to view our world.  Start by going to the World Anvil Website at this link:




Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and it will take you to a screen that looks like this:




Fill in your data and hit REGISTER.  You go to this screen:










You want to select CREATE MY WORLD.  You are not actually going to create one.  We have done that for you!  But, this will give you some options if you are going to be a gamemaster that you would not have if you logged in as a player.   When you click the button, it will take you here.






Since you are not going to be creating a world, you do not have to fill this out.  Skip it for now, you can always come back and do that later.  Instead, click on the DASHBOARD Button.










Then select HOMEPAGE:






Scroll down a bit and you will find a search field.  Enter FAELON and the hit SEARCH.  It will send you to a page that looks something like this.






Select FAELON - the one with our unique map in the background.   Do not worry if the number of campaigns or characters is different.  That is going to change over time.  Hit ENTER WORLD.




Congratulations, You are now in our world!  You are going to see some awesome stuff and may be tempted to click around. DO NOT YET!  Scroll down and find and select the FOLLOW button.  This will add FAELON to your World Anvil Profile so you can find us in the future and links you to our content.   From now on when you log in to World Anvil, you will find us in the COMMUNITY TAB  under FOLLOWED WORLDS as show below.




Please go and explore.  What you are seeing now is our free access level.  To get more content, you can purchase our FREEBLADES LIVING RULE BOOK at the link below.  That will give you an access code and instruction to the FREEBLADES LRB COMPENDIUM that unlocks more content here on World  Anvil.  If you already own the LRB, we have added the code to your DGS account.  Go back into your orders and you will find it as a download with your LRB.


If you are a BRIGHTSWORD RPG player or just want a deeper level of access to the WORLD OF FAELON,   you can unlock either the player or gamemaster levels by supporting us on PATREON.


If you run into issues, send an email to:  We will get back with you as quickly as possible.